You want an affordable, effective web presence.
I want to help you make that a reality.

Web Design

Most of the options for affordable websites aren't very good. If you don't have much money to spend, you're usually constrained to a selection of pre-packaged "designs" exactly the same as a hundred other sites.

If you're using a pre-packaged site, you could probably say "my website is:"

Most people would say that you get what you pay for, but I believe I can come up with a much better design for you, at a comparable price.

I will sit down with you (in person, over the phone, or online) and discuss exactly what YOU want out of a website. Then I will get to work and present you with design(s) tailored to your needs. I'll also make suggestions on how best to organize your content to your website's visitors.

Contact me to arrange a meeting. I won't quote you a price until I know what you need.


Cathedral Choir School of Rochester, NY

Cathedral Choir School

The Cathedral Choir School wanted to upgrade their site to a more professional look, and raise their visibility to search engines. They chose a modern design with two levels of navigation.

Dave's Top 5

Dave's Top 5 had a prototype for their website, but they needed an inviting, attention-getting design that would not require significant technical changes.

Cooley-Fish Wedding

Jerry Fish and Kristin Cooley wanted a simple, elegant website to announce their wedding to friends and family. Matching the fall theme of their wedding, the site gives all the pertinent information and allows guests to RSVP online.