You want an affordable, effective web presence.
I want to help you make that a reality.

Tutoring & Consulting

Mystified by XHTML?
Wondering what's so special about AJAX?
Frustrated by box model quirks in your table-less design?

I can help! I have been building websites since 1999, and guiding other developers through website and programming problems for almost as long. No question is stupid; I'm a patient teacher, and will work with you at the pace that suits you best. Whether you're a novice who wants to know what this whole "HTML" thing is, a designer who wonders why "accessibility" is so important to your clients, or a pro who just needs a fresh set of eyes on your problem, I'm here to help YOU get the job done.

My experience includes:

(Wondering what all these acronyms mean? Look for the red dotted underlining, and mouse over the text to see the full names.)


"Anitra Smith helped me create a webpage for a class project. Her patience and pleasant demeanor helped me understand exactly how to create a webpage. I am by no means a technically savvy person but Anitra's guidance and help were able to assist me in designing an excellent page, fulfilling all the requirements of my class. I would highly recommend her for helping you design your webpage!"

a student at Clark University